R.A. Painting & Decorating provides residential, commercial, interior and exterior painting.  We also install wallpaper, faux finishes, vinyl, stain, and do repairs to drywall.

As a fully insured professional of 20 years I have worked with interior decorators and design experts.  I am punctual and work in a clean and organized manner. As well,  I work all regions in and around Ottawa.

Overview of Services

  • Painting , including faux finishes
  • Drywall and repairs
  • Installation of wallpaper
  • Spray crown moulding and ceiling
  • Spray kitchen cabinets, melamine oil base
  • Painting handrails, balusters
  • Deck staining and porches
  • Paint siding, garage doors, garden sheds
  • Application of epoxy to floors
  • Painting windows and doors
  • Painting of brick and stucco
  • Stone Veneer
  • Small repairs to drywall
  • Spraying of Metallic paint
  • Antique furniture painting
  • Roofing Toronto
  • Liquid Deicer

“Put Colour into Your Life”
With R.A. Painting and Decorating

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